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Thank you for celebrating women’s voices with us. The email signature has now been deactivated but you can learn more about the initiative through this website.

women’s voices
with every email sent.

Verizon invites you to add this email signature in celebration of women whose voices and achievements changed the course of history. From scientists to social change pioneers, their legacies will now become part of your email signature. Inspiring both sender and receiver–and reminding women of the power of their own voice–one email at a time.

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About the initiative

Women’s roles and accomplishments have been downplayed throughout history. And today, women are still downplaying their tone when communicating in the workplace, particularly in emails, in order to be seen in a more positive light. With billions of emails sent every day on our network alone, you can imagine how many are exchanged at the office. So for Women’s History Month, an email signature was created to highlight some of history’s most accomplished women in science, tech, and social justice–celebrating their voices to remind women of the power of their own.

The Signature Gallery

  • Simply click “Add the signature to your email” to get access to the web extension store to install the plug-in. This plug-in is available on Chrome and Edge.

  • The email signature is compatible with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

  • Simply remove the plug-in from the extension store here, and your signature will revert to its original form.

  • Unfortunately, no. The email signature will rotate among a pre-set selection of inspirational women who changed history.

  • Not at all! This email signature is designed to complement your current setup, not replace it. When activated, it will neatly sit below your existing signature, if you have one.

  • If you've installed the extension but can't see the signature, try the following steps:

    1. Refresh your browser: Sometimes, a simple refresh can resolve the issue. Press Ctrl + R on Windows or Cmd + R on Mac to refresh the page you're on.

    2. Restart your browser: Close your browser completely and then reopen it. This can help reset the browser's state and potentially fix the issue.

    3. Check your browser compatibility: Our extension is designed to work seamlessly with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Please ensure that you are using one of these browsers and that your browser is updated to the latest version.

    4. Update the extension: Make sure the extension itself is updated to the latest version. You can check for updates in the extension settings menu of your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Signature Gallery

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